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Our firm represents individuals who find themselves the victims of the economic downtime we are experiencing. We file chapter 7 bankruptcies for those who qualify and develop and file chapter 13 partial repayment plans for those who are facing foreclosure and wish to keep their homes. As with all facets of our representation, we never charge folks for an initial consultation to determine whether we can be of service to them. Call Johnson and Engel, P.S.C., and schedule your free initial consultation today

Johnson and Engel PSC

Workers' Compensation

We provide representation to workers who are injured on the job. We assist in obtaining wage benefits, medical treatment, and any compensation that may be due to injured workers as a result of any permanent limitations that may be caused by an on-the-job injury.

Social Security Disability

We represent disabled people before the US Social Security Administration. We gather medical, vocational, and wage information and present it together with our client's unique situation to the Social Security Administrative Law Judge at scheduled hearings.

Auto Accidents

We pursue claims for people hurt in a car crash. If the person who caused the crash is uninsured, we pursue uninsured and under-insured insurance claims for injured persons. We help our clients establish their no-fault payments and get medical care and lost wages paid pending a final outcome of their claims against the person causing the crash. In all cases where you have been injured, we recommend these four things.

  • 1 Get photographs on your phone of the scene and your injuries
  • 2 Get information on the person causing your injury and all witnesses who may have knowledge of what happened to you.
  • 3 Do not speak to an insurance agent, adjuster or employee, or a risk manager without consulting with an attorney.
  • 4 Call us immediately! We also provide general legal services in the areas of Wills, Probate, Civil Law. Call Johnson and Engel, P.S.C., and schedule your free initial consultation today.
Johnson and Engel PSC